Aparat pentru determinarea grosimea straturi bituminoase - asfaltice - hidroizolante - beton
Model MST2

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Aparat pentru masurarea nedistructiva a straturilor de asfalt - beton - straturi hidroizolante, etc

Domeniu de masura: 0 .. 0.5 m (in functie de gardul de reflectie suprafatei masurate)
• Acuratete: ± 0.5% (din valoare masurata + 1 mm)
• Rezolutie: (pe scara) 0.1 cm
• Temperatura asfaltului: pana la 110°C
• Temperatura de operare ambiantala: -10 °C .. +50 °C.
• Capaciate de stocare in memorie: 16000 teste / rezultate
• Interfata Conectare PC: transfer de date MS office/Excel sau un program software* de calcul.
• Alimentare: baterie NiMH 12V/2Ah
• Viata baterie: 8 ore sau aprox. 1000 measuraturi
• Timp de incarcare aprox. 1.5 ora
• Dimensiune: 42 x 139 x 19 cm
• Geanta de transport: 87 x 45x 26 cm
• Greutate: 3 kg net, cu accesorii 12.6 kg

Conformitate: - 73/23/EEC - 89/336/EEC - Eur. Stnd EN 61010 - Eur. Stnd. EN 50081 - EN 50082, EN 5011 - IEC Stnd. IEC 100-4

Asphalt and Concrete Thickness Scanner
SCAN-T2 is a measuring device that accurately and non-destructively determines the thickness of asphalt or concrete pavement for construction purposes
An accurate measurement is critical for the thickness of road pavement to ensure compliance with the original design or for the longevity of pavement.
The measurements can be taken on highway, municipal, harbor or airport pavements.
SCAN-T2 is an innovative measuring device that can non-destructively and accurately measure the thickness of pavement layers during construction without the requirement for coring. Low costs per test.


Aparat ultrasonic certificat ATEX si IECEx pentru determinarea grosimii materialelor
Model UT5000

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Aparat de măsurat grosimi cu ultrasunete cu capacitate 3 - 100 mm, certificat ATEX si IECEx protectie Zone 1 IIC T4, incluzand traductor cu domeniu 1MHz pana la 15MHz si cu cablu (masoara grosimi de strat de maxim 500 mm), determina zone de grosime maxima/minima si diferential de la valoarea grosime nominala, cu alarma sonor / vizual

Date tehnice
• Certificate: ATEX & IECEx Cpentru Zone cu pericol de explozie 1 IIC T4
• Memorie: 1000 masuraturi
• Display: color 3.1" RGB TFT cu contrast de lumina
• Panou control: Menu navigabil (scroll)
• Traductor: element dublu
• Rata impulsul: transmitere standard de 4Hz ajustabila pana la 10Hz
• Amplificare reglabila: 1MHz pana la 15MHz (-3dB puncte)
• Frecventa: 4MHz, 3mm pana la 100mm
• Acuratete: +/- 0.05mm
• Cititor RFID: operare cu 13.54MHz pasive
• Grosime stratul masurat: max. 5cm
• Interfata conectare la PC sau imprimanta: RS232 la USB • Standarde: ISO/IEC 15693-2, ISO/IEC 18000-3
• Alimentare: baterie Lithium clorura de tionil 3.6V, operare continua 100 ore
• Temperatura de operare: -10 .. +50 °C

Mobile NDT Thickness Gauge
UT5000 Intrinsically Safe thickness gauge with CorDEX CONNECT measures metal thickness for Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and Predictive Maintenance (Pdm) on pipelines and fixed equipment within hazardous locations

UT5000 is a next generation thickness gauge packed with proven technologies: CorDEX CONNECT uses RFID + Software to tag measurements with their location then organises the data, giving the engineer a view of the pipeline at any specific location.
The unique corrosion mode option helps identify spots of thinning; MultiECHO technology improves accuracy on uneven surfaces; onboard memory stores up to 1000 readings.
The CorDEX UT5000 is ATEX and IECEx certified for Gas & Dust (Zone 21); From storage tanks to dust conveyors, UT5000 can measure thickness and detect safely problems in virtually any explosive environment.
The Ruggedized transducer and Brass wear ring prevent undue wear on the transducer surface and ensure the UT5000 is as tougher than most. Designed for rugged environments, the shock resistant skin protects a 3.1 inch (8cm) colour screen and has easy-to-feel raised buttons. The intrinsically safe dual-element, 4MHz transducer is adjustable up to 8Hz with accuracy of +/- 0.05mm

ATEX and IECEx Certified for Zone 1 IIC T4 hazardous areas Features CorDEX CONNECT Intrinsically safe probe supplied as standard full Colour, backlit screen
EchoEcho Technology to measure thickness through painted surfaces
Drop-down menus to select the correct material velocity
Multiple calibration and zeroing modes for repeatable accuracy
On-board data recorder and RFID scanner, store up to a thousand automatically linked to tag location
Menu ‘flip’ function allows use by both left and right handed technicians


Aparat de masurat grosime submersibil pana la 500m adancime pentru scufundari
Model: Multigauge ML3000


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Aparat cu ultrasunete acvatic pentru scafandri de masura a grosimii materialelor pentru masurarea grosimii materialelor din plastic, rasini fibra de sticla, cupru, otel, fonta, etc.
• Viteza sunetului: de la 1000 m/s la 8000 m/s (0.0394 in/µs la 0.3150 in/µs)
• Sonde disponibile (la cerere): 2.25 MHz sau 3.5 MHz sau 5 MHz
• Grosime masurata: 3 - 250 mm / 2 - 150 mm / 1 - 50 mm
• Dimensiune sonda: 13 mm si 19 mm
• Rezolutie: 0.1 mm sau 0.05 mm
• Acuratete: ± 0.1 mm sau ± 0.05 mm
• Stratul de acoperire masurat: pana la 6mm 9masurare standard); pana la 20mm (masurare cu functie Plus+)
• Afisaj: rosu 4 caractere si 7 segmente LED
• Presiune: 500 m
• Alimentare: Baterie reincarcabile de 7.2V 2.3Ah NiMH / 55 ore de functionare continua
• Dimensiune: 235 x 80 mm
• Greutate: 1110 g
• Mediu de operare: conform RoHS si WEEE
• Temperatura de operare: -10°C to +50°C
• Conformitate: standard BS EN 15317:2007

Underwater Thickness Gauge
The ML3000 Underwater Thickness Gauge is a simple, robust ultrasonic thickness gauge designed for most common underwater thickness gauging applications.
The gauge is pressure tested to 500m and has the option to transfer measurements to a surface display unit with the simple addition of a replacement end cap.
It has been designed and built to survive extremely harsh conditions that exist in the offshore and underwater industries worldwide.
The gauge uses multiple echo which means measurements can be easily taken without the need to remove coatings, up to 6mm thick, and the large bright LED display ensures the display can be seen by the diver, even in poor visibility.
The gauge is equipped with IPR (Intelligent Probe Recognition), which automatically adjusts settings in the gauge for enhanced performance and AMVS (Automatic Measurement Verification System) to ensure only true measurements are displayed, even on the most heavily corroded metals.


Aparate cu ultrasunete ce pot masura grosimea materialului eliminand grosimea stratului de vopsea doar pe substraturi metalice
Model Elcometer 208 si 208 DL

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Caracteristici generale
ignora grosimea stratului de vopsea
iesire de date
elcometer 208DL se livreaza impreuna cu soft ElcoMaster si EDTS+ Excel Link pentru inregitrarea si crearea de rapoarte si arhivare
ecran cu iluminare.

Date tehnice
Interval de masurare: 0.63 – 500 mm2.54 – 25.4mm – in modul Echo-to-Echo
Interval viteza de raspuns: 1250 – 10000m/s
Acuratete: ±0.01mm
Rezolutie: 0.01mm
Temperatura de lucru: -20°C pana la 50°C
Tip tastatura: membrana etansata
Ecran: LCD cu iluminare
Sursa de alimentare: Baterii AA 1.5V sau NiCad 1.2V
Greutate: 295g
Dimensiune: 63.5 x 120.6 x 31.75mm
Material: Aluminiu extrudat

Traducator palpator 5 MHz – pentru otel
Traducator palpator 7.5MHz – aluminiu, otel inoxidabil si titan
Cuplant ultrasonic (120ml)
Cuplant ultrasonic pentru temperaturi ridicate (60ml)
Bloc calibrare 2-25mm
Bloc calibrare 30-100mm

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges
Elcometer 208 & 208DL Ultrasonic Thru Paint Thickness Gauge hand-held gauges designed to non destructively measure the thickness of metal substrates whilst ignoring the thickness of up to 2mm (80mils) of an applied coating (Echo to Echo mode).


Aparat pentru determinarea grosimii structurilor de otel
Model Elcometer 204

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Aparat pentru masurarea nedistructiva a grosimii structurilor metalice din otel, folosit pentru aplicatiile standarde: ASTM E 797, EN 14127, EN 15317 cu aplicatii pentru masurarea diverse obiecte; ex. conducte si cazane de aburi, tancuri de depozitare, rezervoare sub presiune, containere, carcase, carene de nave, grinzi de poduri, etc.

Date tehnice
Tip traductor / palpator : Dual Element
Domeniu de masurare: Pulsed Echo (PE): 0.63 - 500mm
Acuratetey: ±1% sau 0.1mm - sau cel mai marer
Rezolutie: 0.1mm
Rate de masurare: 4Hz (4 citiri pe secunda)
Temperatura de operare: -10 to 50°C
Intefata de comunicare: USB
Alimentare: batterii 2 x AA / Alkaline: Approx. 15 hours Lithium: Approx. 28 hours
Greutate: 210g fara traducator
Dimensiune: 145 x 73 x 37mm fara traducator
Livrarea standard include: Elcometer 204 steel ultrasonic material thickness gauge, transducer, ultrasonic couplant, carry pouch, screen protector, wrist harness

blocuri_calibrare - Blocuri de calibrare Standard: din otel 4340 cu toleranta de ±0.1% din grosimea nominala cu certificat de calibrare
- certificat de calibrare
- certificat de verificare metrologica
- cuplant ultrasonic
- adaptor pentru cuplare diverse traducatoare

Steel Ultrasonic Material Thickness Gauge
Pre-calibrated for ease of use, the new Elcometer 204 steel ultrasonic thickness gauge provides fast, accurate measurement of the thickness of steel.
In addition to the material thickness measurement, the new Elcometer 204 displays key statistical values required to assess the overall material thickness; number of readings (n), the average material thickness (x), the lowest (Lo) and highest (Hi) material thickness, the standard deviation (σ) and the coefficient of variation (CV%)

Pre-calibrated for measuring on steel only
Measures steel thickness from 0.63mm up to 500mm
Pre-set measurement rate of 4Hz (4 readings per second) provides faster readings
Supplied with everything required for use
Measures the material thickness when there is access to only one side
Integrated zero disc, ensures maximum accuracy
Transfer live readings via USB to ElcoMaster
Intelligent transducer attached with auto recognition, ensures correct probe is identified when transducer is changed.
The Elcometer 204 is supplied with a 5MHz ¼”
Potted Right Angle Dual Element Thickness Transducer.


Mini aparat universal cu traducator integrat pentru masurarea grosimii peretiilor
Model: Pocket MIKE

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Aparat de buzunar universal pentru masurarea nedistructiva a grosimii structurilor cu traducator integrat si schimbabil, folosit pentru diverse aplicati

Date tehnice
Afisaj: rezolutie 0,01 pana 99,99 mm, peste 0,1
Domeniu de masurare: 1.0 mm to 250 mm
Dimensiune: inaltime 100 mm H :: diameteru nominal Ø35 mm :: diametru traducatorul 12 mm
Greutate: 200g cu baterii
Alimentare: batterii 1.5V AA Alkaline
Temperatura de operare: -10 to 50°C
Rate de masurare: 5Hz (5 citiri pe secunda)

Universal Pocket Thickness Gauge
Main features
Integrated 5 MHz transducer
Machined Stainless Steel Housing
Environmentally Sealed to IP67/IEC529
Automatic On-Block Probe Zero
Automatic Timed Shutoff
Auto Backlight Mode
Known Thickness Calibration and Velocity Calibration
4 Button Sealed Membrane Keypad
User Selectable Measurement Units
Exchangeable Probes