Cantare transpalet

Cantar transpaleti
Modele PTR si PTRI
Capacitate 1000 Kg :: 2000 Kg

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Transpalet cu cantar programabil

Transpalet with Programmable Scale

Caracteristici generale
Afișaj foarte mare cu BACKLIGHT programabil
Alimentare dubla: ACUMULATOR 6V/ 10Ah sau alimentator 220V
Funcție de memorie M+
Verificarea greutății între limite prestabilite: HI - OK - LO
Funcția stabilizare: cântărire animale vii
Disponibile in varianta de uz intern sau cu certificare metrologica

Date tehnice
Construit din oțel vopsit electrostatic (PTR) sau din inox (PTRI)
Dimensiuni furci: Lățime= 555 mm; Lungime: 1160 mm
Distanță între furci= 195 mm
Lațime o furcă= 180 mm
Capacitate / model PTR: 1000 Kg :: Diveziune 500 g
Capacitate / model PTRI: 2000 Kg :: Diveziune 1000 g


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Livrare: in limita stocului disponibil! sau 7 - 10 zile lucratoare

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Main Features
Pallet Truck Scale provides a very reliable and low-cost weighing solution for palletized goods; for commercial and industrial enterprises, logistic centers and warehouses.
The Pallet Truck has a built-in scale for fast weighing. It eliminates the need of placing the load on another instrument and saves operational time and space.
A large LCD display with backlight.
Equipped with rubber wheels on the leading part and polyurethane wheels on the lifting part, guaranteeing long-term durability
Technical data
Available in two models:
Capacity / model PTR: 1000 Kg :: precision 500 g
Capacity / model PTRI: 2000 Kg :: precision 1000 g
Fork width: 555 mm
Fork length 1160 mm
Distance between the two forks 195 mm


Accesorii optional / Optional Accesories
- Imprimanta incorporata
- Built-in thermal printer for measurement data tickets