Balanta hectolitrica de cereale

Trusa de masurare a masei hectolitrice
Capacitate / Condrometru :: 1 lit. metroligizat
Model ML-HECTO 100

Balanta cu Condrometru de cereale şi leguminoase conform metoda de referinţă ISO 6639-3/1996

Hectoliter Cereal & Grain Measuring Kit

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Caracteristici generale
Sistemul consta din:
- Balanta electronica: domeniu de masura: 3000 g
- Lama de taiere

Condrometre / Cilindri standarizate (volume) de masurare
- Condrometru 1 lit. / Cilindru de masurare de 1000 ml
- Condrometru / Cilindru de 1350 ±10 ml
Optional precursor de corectie pentru recalibrare usoara

Mod de lucru:
Pas 1: umpleti tubul de 1350 ml cu cereale
Pas 2: se varsa continutul in tubul marcat pana aprox. 3-4 cm
Pas 3: puneti tubul din stanga cu cereale in tubul mic fara lama
Pas 4: deschideti usita tubului mare si tubul mic se va umple
Pas 5: inseriati lama
Pas 6: inderpartati tubul mare si goliti cerealele deasupra lamei
Pas 7: scoateti lama si agatati tubul de carligul balantei
Pas 8: miscati greutatea pana cand aceasta ramane in linie
Pas 9: citirea rezultatului se face pe partea stanga a greutatii
Pas 10: confruntati rezultatul cu tabelul de valori.
Rezultatul depinde de dimensiunea particulei, densitatea si calitatea grauntelor

Main features
The instrument is designed to measure grain bulk density of cereal (wheat, barley, oat, rye) using a 1 litre measuring container.
The bulk density of the grain is also called natural weight or weight by volume, and is a ratio of the grain mass of the filled container to its volume under precisely specified conditions; it is expressed in kilograms per hectolitre (kg/hl).
Method of operation
The operation method consists in filling the container with grain up to the marked line of 1350 ml, and then pouring the grain into the filling ring from the height of 3-4 cm so that the grain will fall into the centre without touching the filling ring edges.
The pouring speed would be uniform and pouring time should be 11-13 seconds.
After filling the container, pull out the dividing plate from the device with one fast movement and avoid any shaking, and then insert it again into the slot by sliding the plate through the grain with one movement.
Remove the filling ring and any excess grain remaining on the plate, and then remove the plate and weigh the container.
Read the result of the grain density from the reduction tables or from the scales display of the densitometer.
Hectolitre Weight Meter metrological calibrated stainless steel1 1 litre containers with rye-panel
Optional: metrological calibrated, with adjustable forerunner for easy re-calibration