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Plite electrice probe medicale si de laborator

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Plita histologica cu control electronic digital

Model PA :: FALC

Aplicatii: laborator

Plita digitala cu suprafata rectangulare din aluminiu anodizat pentru uscare probe si incalzire delicata, recomandata pentru uscarea lamelor port obiect

Caracteristici generale
Plita de incalzire; temperatura reglabila cu suprafata din aluminiu anodizat
Carcasa fabricata din otel acoperit cu strat epoxy usor de curatat
Display LED pentru afisarea temperaturii
Clasa de protectie IP 41
Panou de control inclinat pentru o vizibilitate comfortabila

Date tehnice
Performanta: control electronic de temperature
Temperatura reglabila: +30 to +100 °C
Precizie pe suprafata placa de incalzire: ±2°C
Material constructie: otel vopsit cu rasini epoxy
Material plita: aluminiu anodizat
Dimensine plita: 270 x 200 mm
Clasa de protectie: CEI EN 60529 / IP 41
Putere: 140 W
Greutate: 5 Kg
Dimensiuni ext.: 310 x 275 x 80 mm
Alimentare: 230V / 50-60 Hz
Cod produs 623.0428.30

Solicit oferta de pret »

Digital heating histology plate
settable temperature up to 100°C

Main Features
Made of anodized aluminium and is ideal for laboratories requiring slide drying and precision, but no high temperatures.
Max. capacity: 20 slides in two rows.
Produced in compliance with the latest European Safety Standards.
The rectangular housing is entirely in steel, oven coated with acidproof epoxy paint; thanks to a resistance beneath the plate temperature uniformity all over the base is guaranteed. The plate heater is fitted with ON /OFF main switch and relevant green warning light for temperature control and regulation ; an electronic thermoregulator with step scale probe and orange warning light indicating the heater working are also provided; a digital thermometer on the front panel makes temperature read – out easier.
N.B. The max indicated temperatures refer to plate

Technical specifications
Performance: Electronic temperature control from +30 to +100 °C
Precision on the plate: ±2°C
Display: LED
Construction material: technopolymer structure
Heating plate: anodized aluminium
Dimensions of the heating plate: 270 x 200 mm
Protection rating IP 41
Power: 140 W
Weight: 5 Kg
Dimensions: 310 x 275 x 80 mm
Power source: 230V / 50-60 Hz
Product code 623.0428.30



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