Modul de incalzire multipost cu 6 plite circulare » 500°C

Plite de incalzire analogice multipost

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Modul cu 6 plite de incalzire cu control analogic

Model CIR 6 / FALC Instruments

Aplicatii: laborator si industrie

Plita digitala de precizie
6 locuri de incalzire separata pana la 500 °C; control electronic si reglaj separat pentru fiecare post de lucru

Caracteristici generale
Sistem cu control analogic cu sase posturi rotunde de incalzire de Ø120mm din fonta speciala,
Control de temperatura analogic pentru fiecare unitate de incalzire;
Temperatura reglabile independent fiecare post de pana la °500°C
Modulul are 6 bare de sutinere demontabile de Ø10 x 500 mm

Date tehnice
Nr. locuri: 6 plite cu functionare separata
Temperatura maxima: +500°C
Putere: 4200 W
Clasa de protectie: IP32
Material plita: otel turnat
Material carcasa: otel inox SS 18/8
Diametru plita: Ø120 mm x 6
Dimensiuni: 985 x 270 x 160 mm
Alimentare: 230V /50-60Hz
Greutate: 10 kg
Cod produs: 623.0436.12

Solicit oferta de pret »

Multipostion Hotplate
Module with 6 independent heating plates up to 300°C

Main Features
Consisting of 6 heating units in a single platform,
Each unit works independently
Made of cast iron plate heater with built in heating resistance
Stainless steel 18/8 body structure
Front panel provided with ON / OFF switch and green light and with a knob for each plate for adjusting and controlling a biometallic step thermostat.
The relevant warning light indicates that the plate is working
Fitted with Ø 10 x 500 mm. rod.
N.B. The max indicated temperatures refer to plate

Technical specifications
No. places: 6 independent places
Max. tempreture: +500 °C
Heating power: 4200 W
Protection class: IP32
Plate material: Cast iron
Plate diameter: Ø120 mm x 6
Dimensions: 985 x 270 x 160 mm
Weight: 10 kg
Source power: 230V /50-60Hz
Reference: 623.0436.12