Nise chimice filtrante
Seria ML-901

Nisa chimica portabila :: montare pe masa

Universal Portable Fume Hood

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Certificat de conformitate

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• Nisa Chimica Filtranta complet automata adaptata cu un microprocesor.
• Este utilizata pentru substante organice sau anorganice ce produc fumuri si vapori toxici.
• Toate moleculele daunatoare organismului sunt retinute in filtrul de carbun active sau de filtru HEPA.
• Poate fi montata pe o masa simpla de laborator fara sa necesite instalatii pre-montate.
• Afisaj digital pentru toate parametrii in functie
• Proiectat, construit si testat respectand directiva europeana 89/336 CEE (compatibilitate electro-magnetica EMC) in conformitate cu directiva europeana 73/23/CEE (voltaj scazut BT) si normativa CEI EN 61010-1.

Domenii de aplicatii
Utilizarea niselor chimice seria Cupola ML901 pentru manipulare produse organice si anorganice / substante periculoase care ar putea degaja vapori toxici poate fi gasita în multe laboratoare scolare, institutile politehnice, farmacii si cabinete medicale, cabinete veterinare, unitati de productie,..etc.

Variante de Model disponibile
model Cupola ML901/AA echipata cu : prefiltru de particule si filtru de chimicale standard
model Cupola ML901/AB echipata cu : prefiltru de particule si filtru carbune activ standard
model Cupola ML901/BB cu : prefiltru si filtru carbune activ impregnat (la alegere) pentru una din urmatoarele aplicatii:
– aldehide si derivati
– amoniac
– acizi
– acid sulfuric si acid azotic, sulf, hidrogen sulfurat, anhidrida sulfuroasa, etc.
– iod si mercur
model Cupola ML90/BB echipata cu: prefiltru si filtru carbune activ impregnat pentru uz general
model Cupola ML901/H echipata cu : prefiltru si filtru HEPA H14.

Conformitate - Certificate - Standarde
• Certificat de Calitate ISO 9001:2000
• Declaratie de Conformitate,
• Certificat de garantie 3 ani (pentru hota) si 10 ani post garantie

Componenta tehnica si dotari
• Carcasa realizata din otel
• Panouri de protectie si cel din fata din policarbonat transparent
• Masa de lucru demontabila din otel-inoxidabil
• Filtru carbun active sau HEPA (optional)
• Pre-filtru cu eficienta 75%
• Volumul de are filtrat 135 m3/h
• 2 viteze selectabile de ventilatie
• Timer programabil 9999 ore
• Contor digital de procesare pana la 9999 ore
• Panoul de control acoperit cu membrana policarbonat
• Priza electrica CHOCO (pe partea dreapta al panoului)
• Doua viteze ale ventilatorului
• Cronometru al timpului de functionare (max 9999 ore)
• Dimensiuni externe: 675 x 560 x 530 mm
• Dimensiuni interne: 600 x 285 x 360 mm
• Alimentare: 220V/ 50-60Hz
• Greutate: 50 kg.

Asalair fume cupboard model 901 is a suction hood with molecular filtration, equipped with carbon filter.
It assures an excellent protection both of the operator and the environment, it holds in its activated carbon filter all harmful molecules to respiration and environment.
It’s not suitable like protection for the products manipulated into it from the external contamination.
It can be used in all cases it is not essential to protect the product from the air present in the laboratory (eg opening of biological samples for analysis, manipulation of organic and inorganic substances that produce
toxic vapours or smelly, or as protection for centrifugal apparatus risk of aerosols, etc.)
The activated carbon filter for generic substances (TYPE A) absorbs most of the aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, solvents, organic vapours, ketones, alcohols, organic acids, esters, halogens, unpleasant odors, sulfur compounds
Other substances such as ammonia, formaldehyde and derivatives, acid gases, iodine, mercury, order the hood with carbon filter impregnated for one of these substances (TYPE B)
For the choice of filter order, see table on page 7-8 carbon adsorption.
We remind you that in choosing the type of carbon filter for use in hoods, Asal srl gives general indications resulting from information received from the customer can choose from 5 types of carbon filters:
- For organic and inorganic vapours (alcohol, solvents, dyes, etc.)
- For acid gases
- For mercury
- For ammonia
- For iodine
- For aldehyde, formaldehyde
Asal srl disclaims all liability for any accidents due to chemical reactions, explosions or poisoning that may be caused by incorrect choice of the type of carbon or from improper use of the hood.
Casing realised in powdered painted steel acids resistant, RAL 9010.
It can be installed over any bench. Its working surface consists of a removable tray in stainless steel AISI 316L 2B glazed which allows the hood location also over tanks or sinks.
The model certified in accordance with UNI EN 14175-1-2-3:2003, model 901/R, is equipped as standard with air conveyor Ø 100 mm. with anti-wind air grating, for the exhaust outside of filtered air, that the customer is REQUIRED to use.
The model certified in accordance with only EN 61010-1:2001, model 901, does not require any air conveyor.

Technical data
Work area dimensions WxDxH: 600 x 285 x 360 mm
Removable work surface tray in stainless steel Aisi 316 L 2B glazed dimensions WxDxH: 600 x 285 x 17 mm.
Overall dimensions WxDxH: 675 x 560 x 530 mm.
Overall dimensions with air conveyor Ø 100 mm, WxDxH: 675 x 685 x 530 mm.
Protection cupola and front panel made of transparent Plexiglas.
Filtered air volume: 135 m3/h.
Air average speed: 0.50 mt / sec.
Weight: 50 Kg.
Noise dB (A) ≤ 60
Prefilter in synthetic material class G3 (82% effic.) in accordance with EN 779.
Activated carbon filter 6 Kg.
Polycarbonate membrane control panel with microprocessor.
Command intake to two speeds.
Emergency command max speed. Outlet service on controls panel, with timer, max 99 hours.
Warning signal (flashing display) in case of no tension, during outlet service utilization.
Filter working hours digital counter, max 9999 hours.
Outlet service working hours digital counter, max 9999 hours.
Low background noise electric fan, meets the requirements of the EN 60335-1, EN 50178, EN 60950 directive. Possibility to regulate air speed.
Power supply: 230 V - 50 Hz.
Electrical Input: 60 W + 440 W
Overload fuses: 2 x 3 AF (5 x 20) mm.
Outlet overload fuse: 2 AF (5 x 20) mm.
Connection outlet: 10 A
SAFETY: all the electrical components, switches and wirings are kept in the control panel, separated from the airflow in order to avoid inconveniences when inflammable materials are handled inside the hood.

Fluxul de filtrare / exhaustare

Filtru HEPA
Filtru carbune activ
Accesorii optionale
• filtru carbune activ impregnat / standard (uz general)
• filtru carbune activ impregnat /pentru amoniac
• filtru carbune activ impregnat/pentru aldehide si derivati
• filtru carbune activ impregnat/pentru amoniac
• filtru carbune activ impregnat /pentru acizi
• filtru carbune activ impregnat /pentru iod
• prefiltru
• filtru HEPA
• masa suport dim. 800x800x840h mm
• set 4 roti pentru masa
• scaun pentru nisa



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