Hota Microbiologica Chimica Filtranta
Model Hepa-701 si Hepa-701R

Hota Microbiologica Filtranta Universala

Microbiological protection and filtration Cabinet

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Certificat de conformitate

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HEPA 701 si 701R (cu sistem de filtrare/exhaustare in exterior) testate si certificate conform EN 14175-1-2-3:2003+EN 61010-1:2001+EN 61326-1:2006 eliberat de TUV care reglementeaza constructia si functionarea hotelor si niselor chimice cu exhaustare prevazute cu sisteme de filtrare pe traseele de exhaustare, fiind posibila atat functionarea cu recirculare cat si functionarea in regim de exhaustare si filtrare.
protejeaza zona de lucru, operatorul, mediul inconjurator si a produselor manipulate atat impotriva micro-organismelor cat si impotriva riscurilor biologice, fumuri si gaze toxice

Domenii de aplicatii
manipulare produse organice si anorganice / substante periculoase care ar putea degaja vapori toxici sau probe microbiologice si patologice; poate fi gasita în multe laboratoare medicale, institutile politehnice, farmacii si cabinete medicale, cabinete veterinare, unitati de productie,..etc.

Date tehnice
Filtrare si Decontaminare:
- Prefiltru sintetic clasa G4 (eficienta 90%) conform EN 779
- hepa filter eficienta conform test-ul DOP
- Lampa UV Germicida
In cazul in care este necesar, se poate comanda o retea de conducte pntru evacuarea in exterior
• Sructura de rezistenta din otel vopsita cu o vopsea antiacida epoxidica
• Camera interna cu aer presurizat negativ este pentru a se evita iesirea aerului poluat in camera de lucru
• Suprafata de lucru este din otel AISI 304, prevazuta cu margini rotunde pentru a evita contaminarea
• Pe panoul frontal se afla tabloul de comanda - tastatura
• Fereastra frontala si panouri laterale sunt din perspex acrylic transparent rezistent la radiatii UV
• Comutator etans de presiune.
• Volum de aer filtrat: 320 m3/h
• Viteza medie a fluxului laminar 0.50mt/s
• Zgomotul maxim: <60db
• Volum interior: 0.34 m3
• Iluminare: lampa florescenta de 18 W
• Dimensiunile spatiului de lucru: 696 x 637 x 770 mm
• Dimensiunile suprafata de lucru: 696 x 637 x 20 mm
• Dimensiuni exterioare: 800 x 670 x 1150 H mm.
• Greutate: 55 kg

• Certificat de conformitate
• Certificat de garantie 3 ani (pentru hota) si 10 ani post garantie

Fume cupboard model 701, with hepa filter is a bench suction hood. Equipped with absolute Hepa filter (High efficiency particulate air) tested M.P.P.S in accordance with C.E.N. 1822 with global efficiency 99.995% class H14, suitable for all operations, to do under the hood, that include powders handling. It’s assure an excellent protection both of the operator and the environment. It isn’t suitable like protection for the products manipulated into it from the external contamination.
It can be advantageously used in all cases it is not necessary or a priority to protect this product from the air in the laboratory (eg opening of biological samples for analysis, weighing, sifting, and crushing or as protection for centrifuges or other equipment at risk of aerosols, etc.)

Main features
Casing realised in powdered painted steel acids resistant, RAL 9010.
It can be installed over any bench. Its working surface consists of a removable tray in stainless steel Aisi 316L 2B glazed which allows the hood location also over tanks or sinks.
The model certified in accordance with UNI EN 14175-1-2-3:2003 model 701/R is equipped as standard with air conveyor Ø 150 mm. with anti-wind air grating, for the exhaust outside of filtered air, that the customer is REQUIRED to install.
The model certified in accordance with only EN 61010-1:2001 model 701 does not require any air conveyor.

Technical Data
Work dimensions WxDxH: 696 x 637 x 770 mm.
Removable work benchtop in stainless steel Aisi 304 glazed dimensions WxDxH: 696 x 637 x 20 mm.
Removable work benchtop capacity 9 litres.
Overall dimensions WxDxH: 800 x 670 x 1150 mm.
Overall dimensions with air conveyor Ø 150 mm WxDxH: 800 x 670 x 1320 mm.
Maximum aperture, with front panel totally open 480 mm.
Filtered air volume: 320 m3/h
Air average speed: 0.50 mt / sec.
Inner volume: 0.34 m3
Absolute Hepa filter (High efficiency particulate air) tested M.P.P.S in accordance with C.E.N. 1822 with global efficiency 99.995% class H14.
Prefilter in synthetic material class G4 (90% efficiency) in accordance with EN 779
On the right side of the hood attack with hose union to be grafted, for execution of the hepa filter efficiency DOP test.
Weight: Kg. 55
Noise ≤ 60 Db (A)
Hood sides panels, thickness 3 mm, and front panel, thickness 5 mm, are in Perspex acrylic slab casting transparent resistant at UV rays.
Polycarbonate membrane control panel.
During UV lamp use (15 W), the other functions of the hood are cutted out
Germicide lamp working hours visualization, max 9999 hours.
Germicide lamp timer hours visualization, max 99 hours.
In case of lack of tension if the germicide lamp is “on“, at the return of tension the germicide lamp switch on again and the display start to blink.
Filter working hours visualisation, max 9999 hours.
Lighting lamp switch
Service outlet switch
Power supply: 230 V - 50 Hz.
Electrical input: 110 W + 440 W
Overload fuses: 2 x 3 AF (5 x 20) mm.
Outlet switch with overload fuse: 1 x 2 AF (5 x 20) mm.
Connection outlet: 10 A
Low background noise electric fan that meet the requirements of the directives EN 60335-1, EN 50178, EN 60950, approvals by VDE, CE, UL. Possibility to regulate airflow.
Lighting by fluorescent lamp 18 W
Germicide UV lamp 15W
SAFETY: all the electrical components, switches and wirings are kept in the controls panel, separated from the airflow in order to avoid inconveniences if inflammable materials are handled inside the hood.

Optional accesories
Air conveyor connector Ø mm. 150 with anti-wind air grating. In the cupboard certified UNI EN 14175, the air conveyor is supplied as standard.
Front opening panel in stainless steel
Front opening panel in stainless steel with germicide UV 15 W lamp and safety switch. To switch on the germicide lamp: put the panel in stainless steel over the frontal opening, close with the knobs and connect the cable in the external outlet

Accesorii optionale
Sistem de exhaustare certificat UNI EN 14175 cu convector de aer
• Tubulatura / conducta flexibila pentru exhaustare Ø 150 mm
• Panou frontal din inox cu lampa bactericida UV de 15W
• Panou frontal din inox
• Robinet de gaz cu valva de siguranta
• Robinet aer/vid
• Robinet azot
• prize electrice aditionale
• Masa suport pentru hota din otel inox
• Masa suport pentru hota din HPP
• Scaun ergonomic sterilizabil de laborator pentru hota
• Termometru sau termohigrometru cu sonda de temperatura / umiditate detasabil

Consumabile si Filtre optionale
Filtru HEPA
Filtru ULPA (in loc de HEPA)
Filtru carbune activ
• filtru carbune activ impregnat / standard (uz general)
• filtru carbune activ impregnat /pentru amoniac
• filtru carbune activ impregnat/pentru aldehide si derivati
• filtru carbune activ impregnat/pentru amoniac
• filtru carbune activ impregnat /pentru acizi
• filtru carbune activ impregnat /pentru iod
• prefiltru