Aparat combinat pentru distilare si filtrare apa

Caracteristici generale

• Produce aprox. 24 - 36 lit/zi (depinde de calitate apa)
• Recipient: rezervor de 4 lit
• Calitatea apei: conductivitate de 5 μs/cm, apa potabila 100% pura cu TDS = 0 ppm (particule solide dizolvate /1 mg apa).
Excelent pentru uz casnic, preparare bauturi si cocktailuri si pentru laboratoare de analiza, farmacie, sterilizare cu autoclave, cabinete medicale si stomatologice.

Date tehnice

  • Interior: otel inox
  • Sistem de racire: ventilatie fortata
  • Filtrarea apei: carbune activ
  • Condensator: otel inox
  • Dispenser extern triplu de 4 lit. cu filtre
  • Auto-oprire in cazul in care are loc intreruperea alimentarii cu apa
  • Recipient interior din otel inox
  • Recipient exterior din plastic termorezistent
  • Greutate: 3.5 Kg
  • Putere: 750W
  • Dimensiune: 29Ø x 39 cm
  • Alimentare: 230VAC/50Hz

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Water Filter / Distiller

Main Features

Compact and versatile that it is widely used, with excellent results, by people around the world. Just like them, you can have a supply of fresh, homemade distilled water no matter where you are.
Simply fill the stainless steel boiler with tap water, press the start button, and you'll be enjoying the most deliciously pure and refreshing water you've ever had!


- NO assembly, installation or hookups necessary
- Combines steam distillation with carbon post filtration, resulting in optimum water purity.
- Automatic shutoff after each cycle
Includes Distiller, Collecting vessel and 2 Carbon Filter Cups

Technical Data

  • Capacity: 22.7 - 36 liters in 24 hours (depends on water quality)
  • Dimensions: 29Ø x 39 cm
  • Weight: 3.5 kgs
  • Power: 230VAC/50Hz 750W
  • Product code: 4001729