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Dispozitiv masurare vascozitatii absolute si relative

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Vascozimetru tuburi capilare Ubbelohde, Micro Ubbelohde si Micro Ostwald
Model ViscoCIock plus / SI Analytics

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Vascozimetru digital pentru tuburi capilare

ViscoClock viscosity measuring devise

Vascozimetru digital automat pentru determinarea vascozitatii relative si absolute in conformitate cu DIN; ISO; ASTM; Micro cu avantajele oferite de afisarea si iesirea digitala a datelor

Date tehnice
• Model: ViscoClock Plus
• Domeniu de masurare / timp: pana la 999.99 s;
- rezolutie 0.01 s
- Acuratete: ± 0.01 s/ ± 1 digit; > 0.1 %;
• Domeniu de masurare / viscoziate: 0.35 .. 10,000 mm2/s (cSt)
• Display / afisaj: 5-digit LCD, 20 x 48 mm (H x W), digit 12.7 mm (H),
• Indicator secundar cu 2 digite decimale dupa puctului decimal, rezolutie 0.01 s
• Alimentare U: 9 V
• Conexiuni tip Plug-in:
- USB Host la flash drive sau imprimanta (TZ 3863)
- USB OTG conectyare la PC, imprimanta sau fash drive
- interfata Tip A USB connector
- interfata Tip B mini USB connector

• Clasa de protectie: Clasa III; IP 50 conform DIN 40-050
• Alimentare: 230 V, 50-60 Hz
• Interfata: RS-232-C
• Dimensiune: 515 x 90 x 30 mm (H x W x D)
• Greutate. 450 g (fara vascozimetru)
Produs: SI Analytics - Germania
Distribuitor autorizat / Service & mentenanta: Multi-Lab Romania

The ViscoCIock plus is an electronic timing unit for glass capillary viscometers used to determine kinematic and relative viscosity. The new instrument features data storage and simpler handling. The ViscoClock plus is especially designed for Ubbelohde type viscometers which are well-known for highest precision.
Automatically measures the flow time of temperature-stabilized liquids in capillary viscometers by means of infrared light barriers: the manual measurement with a stopwatch becomes obsolete.
The viscometer including a sample is inserted into the ViscoClock plus and immersed into a thermostatic bath for temperature stabilization. After thermostating, the sample is pumped into the measuring bulb, and the flow time is detected automatically. The large display enables easy read-off of flow times and additional information: date, time, sample ID and viscometer ID.

Automatic and precise flow time measurement for a low price
Suitable for SI Analytics Ubbelohde, Micro Ubbelohde and Micro Ostwald viscometers
Data storage incl. time, date, viscometer and sample ID
Stand is made of high performance engineering plastic PPA and enables measuring temperatures up to 150°C
Electromagnetic venting valve for convenient handling of Ubbelohde viscometer Compatible with all SI Analytics thermostatic bath types

Main features
Automatic measurement of flow times The ViscoCIock plus is designed for SI Analytics Ubbelohde, Micro Ubbelohde and Micro Ostwald viscometers. The flow time is measured automatically by two infrared light barriers which detect the passing liquid meniscus. The repeatability of the automatic time measurement is considerably higher in comparison to the measurement using a stop watch. Therefore some viscometry standards allow a flow time reduction in case of automatic flow time measurement.
Properties and materials
The ViscoCIock plus can be used for measuring temperatures ranging from -40 °C to 150 °C. The stand of the ViscoClock plus ist made of high quality polymer PPA. For temperature stabilization in a thermostatic bath, the following liquids are suitable: Water, alcohol, glycol, paraffin oil, and silicon oil. The electronic measuring unit is built-in to a PP casing.
Easy handling
The ventilation of Ubbelohde viscometers is managed by an electromechanic valve which makes handling easier in comparison to the mechanical mechanism of the previous ViscoClock.
Data storage
The measuring results of the ViscoClock plus can be stored on a USB flash drive including date, time and sample/viscometer ID. The data are stored as pdf (non-editable) and csv (editable). Alternatively, for data transfer the ViscoClock plus can be connected to a printer (TZ 3863) or a PC.

Absolute viscosity
To determine absolute kinematic viscosities, calibrated viscometers have to be used. To guarantee best accuracy, viscometers which were calibrated by automatic measurement should be used. The constant of automatic calibration can be slightly different in comparison to manual calibration, as the level of the light barriers may not be identical to the position of timing marks.
Relative viscosity
For determination of relative viscosities, calibrated as well as non-calibrated viscometers can be used. For evaluation, the calibration constant is not required in this case.

Technical Data
- Viscometer types: Ubbelohde (DIN; ISO; ASTM; Micro), Micro-Ostwald
- Measuring range / Time: up to 999.99 s; resolution 0.01s
- Accuracy of time measurement: ± 0.01 s / ± 1 digit; however no more precise than 0.1 %;
indicated as measuring uncertainty with a condence level of 95 %
- Measuring range - viscosity: 0.35 to10,000 mm²/s (cSt)
the absolute, kinematic viscosity is additionally dependent on the uncertainty of the numerical value of the viscometer constant and on the measuring conditions, in particular the measuring temperature.
- Display: LCD graphic display (FSTN) 128x64 pixel, 51x31mm (w x h)
seconds indication with 2 decimal digits after the decimal point, resolution 0.01 s
- Voltage supply: DC + 9 V
- Power supply: socket for low voltage connection: coaxial power connector, inner diameter 2.1 mm, plus pole at inner contactfor connection of Universal power supply TZ 1858
- Protection / Power supply: in accordance to class of protection IIIdegree of protection for dust and humidity IP 50 in accordance with DIN 40 050
Universal power supply TZ 1858: 100 – 240 V, 50 – 60 Hz (9 V, 550 mA )not suitable for use in areas subject to explosion hazards
- Plug Connections: USB Host to connect USB flash drive or printer (TZ 3863)
USB OTG to connect (PC), printer (TZ 3863) or USB fl ash drive
Type A USB connector
Type B mini USB connector
- Ambient Conditions / Ambient temperature: + 10 to + 40 °C for storage and transport
Operating temperature stand: – 40 to + 150 °C electronic measuring unit: +10 to +40 °C
Humidity in accordance with EN 61 010, Part 1;max. relative humidity 80 % for temperatures up to 31 °C, decreasing linearly to 50 % of relative humidity at a temperature of 40 °C
- Housing Materials: polyphthalamide stand (PPA)
casing: polypropylene (PP)
gaskets: silicone
- Dimensions: ~515 x 90 x 30 mm (H x W x D)
- Weight: ~450 g (without viscometer)
- Power supply unit: ~220 g
- Conformity & Certificates: CE symbol in accordance with low voltage guideline 2014/35/EU
Test regulation EN 61 010-1:2011-07 for laboratory instruments in accordance with EMC regulation 2014/30/EU
Test regulation EN 61 326 Part1:2012
In accordance with RoHS regulation 2011/65/EU
Test regulation EN 50 581:2013-02
FCC Symbol

Baie vascozimetrica termostatata / Transparent thermostatic baths: ViscoClock plus can be used in all SI Aanyltics bath types
Imprimanta termica / Printer TZ 3863

Cod comanda / Ordering information

Model Order No. Description
ViscoClock plus 285417900 Timing unit for capillary viscometer. Including power supply 100-230V and hand pump
ViscoClock plus M1 285417910 ViscoClock plus and acrylic glass thermostatic bath CT72/P (230V) for temperatures +10 °C … +60 °C
ViscoClock plus M2 285417930 ViscoClock plus and glass panelled thermostatic bath CT72/2 (230V) for temperatures -40 °C … +150 °C