Analizor punctul de curgere / lichefiere cu sistem de racire incorporat
Model PP-60 (+50 la -60°C)
Model PP-80 (+50 la -80°C)

Analizor automat pentru determinarea punctul de curgere / lichefiere conform standardele ASTM D 97 - IP 15 - ISO 3016

Pour point automatic tester with integrated cooling (stand-alone unit)

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Printer :: prod cod PRN01
Sample container :: prod cod PP000
O-Ring for sample container :: prod cod OR3131
PT100 for the sample :: prod cod PP021
Detection PT100 (two required) :: prod cod PP024

Main features
The apparatus consists of a benchtop case containing the cooling compressor, the thermally insulated jacket and supporting the analytical head. An 8.4” touch screen interface on the front permits to control the instrument, retrieve and print data and calibrate the sensors. Two USB, serial and Ethernet connector on the rear panel allows the user to connect to printers or network: by using a wireless dongle it’s possible to connect the instrument to any wireless network.

Technical Data
- Enamel finished steel-aluminium case, benchtop version
- Insulated metal jacket conform to ASTM, IP, DIN and ISO standard methods
- One glass sample container conform to ASTM, IP, DIN and ISO standard methods
- Two models, one for jacket temperatures till -60°C (suitable for tests at standard temperature of 48, 24, 0, -18, -33 and -51°C) and one till -80°C (suitable also for -69°C tests) with +/- 0.2°C regulation accuracy. Both units are equipped with a patent-pending integrated cooling system based on thermoelectric cooling: in this way we have reduced dimensions, weight, power consumption, noise and heat dissipation making moreover the equipment more reliable since single-stage cooling compressors require much less maintenance if compared with cascade double-stage ones
- Micro Thermal detection of pour point. Motorized arm that lifts and tilts the sample container out of the jacket at programmable intervals: mimic ASTM D 97
- Temperature sensor: Pt100 RTD. Accuracy of temperature reading: +/- 0.1°C
- 8.4” touch screen interface that permits to introduce the analytical data, control the test and display the results.
Tests can be run acc. to ASTM/ISO methods or to user defined methods.
Software includes diagnose and calibration tools with all modern QC routines
- Two USB, one RS-232 and one Ethernet connector for connecting to printers and network even through wireless dongles
- English written user manual. CE marked
- For 220 V/50 Hz connections: 700 W power consumption (PP-60) and 1000 W (PP-80)
- Dimensions and weights (l x w x h): 350x700x700 mm, 40kg (PP-60) and 400x750x750 mm, 50 kg (PP-80).

Model PP-60 Apparatus for tests from +50 to -60°C (jacket temperature)
Model PP-80 Apparatus for tests from +50 to -80°C (jacket temperature)


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