Aparat portabil pentru numararea si identificarea tipurilor de colonii
Marimea minima de detectare a coloniilor ::
Model eCount Colony Counter

Numarator de colonii automat portabil

Pocket size automatic colony counter

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Caracteristici generale
Numarator de colonii portabil d buzunar cu baterii, simplu de utilizat ca un stilou
Alarma sonora
Buton de resetare
Memorie 35 de determinari
Rezerva de tus inlcusa

A cost effective and accurate way to count colonies of bacteria or other microorganisms grown on an agar plate.
This simple to operate device marks, counts, and gives an audible and visual alert each time a count is registered.
The lightweight, pen-style design reduces the likelihood of error, combining all aspects of counting into one motion.
Fast, accurate and economical sample counting and sample count verification
Stores up to 35 sample counts
Verify sample counts with up/down counting
Displays sum total of all colonies counted
Backlit display for easy viewing in low light conditions
Audible alert can be turned off if desired
Counting function can be locked to prevent error during breaks between counting
Long life, red and black felt-tip markers (included) work on plastic or glass and are oil and water resistant; ink is removable with ethyl alcohol
Includes 3V lithium battery and protective storage case

Optional accessories
Sharpie Dual-Tip and Standard Fine Tip Pens
Permanent clear and fine marking made easy. Specially formulated, water-resistant and freezer safe marker pens. When used on dry glass, metal or porcelain surfaces, ink will not smear when subjected to water.
Requires the use of solvent if removal is required. Perfect to use on labels and recommended replacements/extras for the eCount Colony Counter (available separately).
Dual-Tip Colored Sharpie Pens
Bright selection of colors offers instant visual recognition - Combines a fine tip at one end and an ultrafine tip at the other end, perfect for a larger range of labeling requirements
- Supplied as a pack of 8 with one of each of the following colors; Berry, Black, Lime, Navy, Orange, Purple, Sky Blue, and Turquoise
Standard Black Sharpie Pens
- Strong fine tip will keep its shape much longer than other brands of pens
- Long lasting, supplied in packs of 12
Mini Light Box
Perfect accessories for the eCount (available separately) or use as stand-alone items. Mini-Light Box and Mini-Magnifier are sold separately.
Mini-Light Box
- Saves bench space and can be stored in a drawer
- Viewing area (102 x 127 mm) is perfect for quick screening of 96-well plates, Petri dishes, electrophoresis gels, slides, and transparencies
- Powered by four AA batteries (included)
- Dimensions (L x W x H): 161 x 135 x 44 mm
- Enlarges objects for easier viewing
- Swiveling, molded lens
- 1.75X magnification
- Lens measures 185 x 100 mm
- Dimensions (L x W x H): 161 x 135 x 207 mm