Spectrofotometru portabil si de laborator pentru cereale


Spectrofotometre NIR infrarosu apropiat

Model Mininfra Scan-T PLUS

Analizor automat pentru determinarea gluten, proteina, cenusa, continut de grasime, duritate, umiditatii, temperaturii si a greutatii hectolitrice a cerealelor

Seed and Grain Automatic Sampler

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Analizor NIR (infrarosu apropiat) portabil permite analiza preciza, rapida, simpla fara prepararea probei si fara macinarea prealabila a produselor de tip cereale, alimente, paste, semintele integrale de grau, seminte uleioase, orz, porumb, soia, rapita sau pentru faina si furaje mixte.
Parametrii determinati simultan: proteina, gluten, duritatea, indexul Zeleny, umiditate, grasime si fibra

Date tehnice
• Alimentare: adaptor 12V AC/DC sau bricheta auto
• Consum: 30VA
• Dimensiuni: 360x235x205 mm
• Greutate: 6 kg
• Sistem optic: monocromator
• Domeniul spectral: 790-1064 nm
• Acuratete: 0,1 nm
• Repetabilitate: 0,02 nm
• Metoda: prin transmisie
• Sursa de iluminare: lampa halogen tungsten
• Afisaj: LCD 2x16mm
• Imprimanta (optional) : 24 caractere
• Interfata: RS 232
• Timpul de analiza: cca. 1 minut
• Temperatura de lucru: 10-40°C
• Suprafata masurata: 30 cm2
• Volumul probei: 100 cm3 (pentru seminte)

Mininfra Scan-T Plus provides high measurement comfort and reliability at a remarkable lower price than that of the large laboratory NIT instruments
Small, portable, on farm analyser which can also be powered by 12V (e.g a car cigar lighter)
Applies high quality infrared optics and special sample presentation systems which guarantee the excellent short and long term stability and allow the whole grain, flour and feed measurements by the same instrument.
Due to the unique ‘SBCS’ – Single Beam Compensation System the results are independent of the temperature of the sample as well as of the ambient and internal temperature, and there is no warming up time at all.
Performs hundreds of measurements in 1 minute which ensures accurate, fast and precise analyses of grains, oil seeds and flour without any sample preparation, as well as excellent reproducibility
By applying a rotating light beam the instrument trans illuminates the sample on a large surface and measures its infrared absorption at a dedicated wavelength set which is optimal for each product rather than measuring of the whole spectra.
Mininfra ScanT Plus is delivered with a series of ready-to-use truly transferable calibrations for different grains and flour.
The brilliant 5.7” size colour touch screen display ensures simple, and comfortable handling
The fast USB 2.0 port allows to save the stored measuring results and any software or calibration update is a very easy task even for a non-skilled personnel.

Technical Data
Voltage: 88-264 VAC universal input
Power consumption: 35 VA
Dimensions WxHxD: 205x235x360 mm
Weight: 8 kg
Measuring time: 1 minute
Sensing area: 30 cm2
Sample holders: 30, 18 and 9 mm for seeds; 4 mm for ground
materials and flour
Sample amount: ca. 100 cm3 (for wheat) Operating temperature range: 10 – 45°C
Optics: Grating monochromator
Wavelength range: 790-1064 nm
Wavelength accuracy: 0,1 nm
Wavelength repeatability: 0,02 nm
Detector: Si PIN diode
Light source: Tungsten halogen lamp (12V/20W)
Handling interface: Touch screen
Display: 5,7” color LCD
Computer and operation system: Colibri XScale PXA270, Linux
Printer: Thermal graphic panel printer
Connection: USB 2.0 port

Additional sample holders (with calibrations) for grains
Additional sample holder (with calibration) for flour