Senzori de gaze

ro Sisteme monitorizare gaze » Senzori pentru analizoare detectoare si monitoare de gaze

uk Gas Monitoring Systems » portable or fixed industrial gas detection monitors, stack gas analysers or environmental monitoring instruments

The Alphasense range includes electrochemical sensors which detect Oxygen and toxic gases, infrared sensors for Carbon Dioxide and hydrocarbons, PID for the detection of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and fully certified pellistors for combustible gas detection


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Metal Oxide Gas Sensors

Senzori de gaze pentru oxizi de metal


Metal Oxides Sensor Description
An Introduction to p-Type Metal Oxide Sensors p-Type Metal Oxide Sensor Overview
Carbon Monoxide Sensor p-type Metal Oxide Carbon Monoxide Sensor
Hydrogen Sulfide Sensor p-type Metal Oxide Hydrogen Sulfide Sensor
Volatile Organic Compound Sensor p-type Metal Oxide VOC Sensor

Dust and Particles Sensors

Senzori de gaze pentru pref si particule suspendate in aer


Dust and Particles Sensor Description
OPC-N2 Particulate Monitor
senzor de miniaturi

Miniatures Sensors

Senzori de gaze pentru miniaturi


Miniatures Sensor Description
CH-D3 Flammable Gas Sensor, miniature
CL2-D4 Chlorine, miniature, 4-pin
CO-D4 Carbon Monoxide, miniature, 4-pin
D2 Dual Gas CO/H2S, miniature, 4-pin
H2S-D4 Hydrogen Sulfide, miniature, 4-pin
HCN-D4 Hydrogen Cyanide, miniature, 4-pin
NO-D4 Nitric Oxide, miniature
NO2-D4 Nitrogen Dioxide, miniature, 4-pin
O2-G1 Oxygen, miniature, 1 year
O2-G2 Oxygen, miniature, 2 year
SO2-D4 Sulfur Dioxide, miniature, 4 pin
senzori cu pelistor

Pellistors Sensor

Senzori pelistor


Pellistors Sensor Description
CH-A3 Small, 3V
CH-D3 Miniature, 3V
senzori de oxigen

Oxygen Gas Sensor

Senzori de oxigen


Oxygen Sensor Description
LFO2-A4 Lead Free, long life
O2-A1 Small, 1 year
O2-A2 Small, 2 year
O2-A3 Small, 3 year
O2-C2 Combustion, 2 year
O2-G1 Low profile, 1 year
O2-G2 Low profile, 2 year
senzor monoxid de carbon

Carbon Monoxide Gas Sensors

Senzori monoxid de carbon CO


Carbon Monoxide Sensor Description
CO-A4 Small, 4-electrode, low ppb
CO-AE Small, filtered, high concentration
CO-AF Small, filtered
CO-AX Small, low hydrogen cross sensitivity
CO-B4 Compact, 4-electrode, low ppb
CO-BF Compact, filtered
CO-BX Compact, low hydrogen cross sensitivity
CO-CE Combustion, high concentration
CO-CF Combustion, filtered
CO-CX Combustion, low hydrogen cross sensitivity
CO-D4 Miniature, filtered
senzor de hidrogen sulfurat

Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Sensors

Senzori hidrogen sulfurat


Hydrogen Sulfide Sensor Description
H2S-A1 Small
H2S-A4 Small, 4-electrode, low ppb
H2S-AE Small, high concentration
H2S-AH Small, high sensitivity
H2S-B1 Compact, unfiltered
H2S-B4 Compact, 4-electode, low ppb
H2S-BE Compact, high concentration
H2S-BH Compact, high sensitivity
H2S-D4 Miniature
senzor de clor

Chlorine Gas Sensor

Senzori gaze de clor


Chlorine Sensor Description
CL2-A1 Small
CL2-B1 Compact
CL2-D4 Miniature
senzor dioxid de sulf

Sulfur Dioxide Gas Sensor

Senzori dioxid de sulf


Sulfur Dioxide Sensor Description
SO2-A4 Small, 4-electrode, low ppb
SO2-AE Small, high-concentration
SO2-AF Small, filtered
SO2-B4 Compact, 4-electrode, low-ppb
SO2-BE Compact, high-concentration
SO2-BF Compact, filtered
SO2-D4 Miniature
senzor dioxid de azot

Nitrogen Dioxide Gas Sensor

Senzori dioxid de azot


Nitrogen Dioxide Sensor Description
NO2-A1 Small
NO2-A43F Small, 4-electrode, low ppb
NO2-AE Small, high concentration
NO2-B1 Compact, unfiltered
NO2-B43F Compact, 4-electrode, low ppb
NO2-D4 Miniature
senzor de hidrogen sulfurat

NDIR Sensors

Senzori NDIR infrarosu nedispersiv


NDIR Sensor Description
IRC-A1 Carbon Dioxide Infrared, pyroelectric
IRC-AT Carbon Dioxide Infrared, thermopile
IRM-AT Methane Infrared, thermopile
senzor PID

PID Sensors

Senzori PID cu fotoionizare


PID Sensor Description
PID-A12 PhotoIonisation detector (ppm)
PID-AH2 PhotoIonisation detector (ppb)