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  Cabinet de luminozitate pentru evaluare a culorii  

Echipamente cu sistem de iluminare de diferite lungimi de unda pentru inspectie evaluare si examinarea culorilor de gradare pentru diferitele culori si tonuri


Camera analiza culorii :: Model ML-3NH/T90-7

Caracteristici generale

Camera de luminozitate este folosita pentru inspectie vizuala si metamerism in practica restaurarii, conform ISO 3668, EN ISO 4630, EN ISO 6271, foloseste 10 surse de lumina diferite selectabile cu timer cronometric:
- Lumina incidenta de bec / bulb type "A" 40 W E 27
- Lumina de expunere si stocare / shop light TL84
- Lumina naturala / day light D65
- Lumina de zi / day light D5000 (D50)
- Lumina neagra / black light" UV

Prezinta cele mai multe surse de lumina 10 dintre toate cabinele existente: Lumina zilei, Incandescent ”A”, Orizont, UVA, Fluorescenta 5 la alegerea (D65, A, D50, UV, U30, TL84, U35)

Date tehnice

Sursa de lumina: D65, A, D50, UV, U30, TL84, U35
Greutate: 60 kg
Dimensiune (W*D*H): 100 x 70 x 90 cm

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Illuminated Colour Assessment Cabinet :: Model ML-3NH/T90-7

Main Features

Colorboxes offer a extensive range of illumination conditions for any visual inspection.
The multiple selectable light sources allow assessment of gloss, structure, damages and metamerism.
The Colorboxes are available in 60 and 120 cm width.

All are supplied with removable viewing table and runtime counter.
Both interior and exterior are finished to the highest quality standard.
The ability to switch between light sources without flickering makes the cabinet extremely stable.


- Unique International Design Appearance, combination of the characteristics of Verivide and X-rite light box.
- 7 light source, 4 sets of LED light (Life up to 25000 times), 3 sets of fluorescent light source.
- Display the use time and numbers of every light source.
- Adjustable illumination light.
- Automatic switch among light sources, with metamerism function.
- No warm-up time or flickering which insures quick and reliable color judgment.
- Economic power consumption and low heat generation for high light efficiency.
- Name of light source can be changed, easy to add light.
- Metal box, durable in use.

Widely used in textile, toy, dye, plastic, pigment, painting, inking, printing, chemical, ceramic, leather, hardware, food etc industries. It can help check color fastness to visual assessment, color proofing, color difference and fluorescent material etc, and ensure these steps, sample, the production, quality inspection, check and accept to be done in the same standard light source.
Accurate check the color difference for better color quality control, to improve product competitive.

Technical specifications

Light source: D65, A, D50, UV, U30, TL84, U35
Weight: 60kg
Size (W*D*H): 1008 x 716 x 898 mm



Cabinetul poate fi livrat in 4 versiuni

Varianta de model Cantitate putere CRI Lifespan
1 LED light / 3nh TruD65 2 buc 15W, 6500 ±200K Ra95 20000-50000 hours & 25000 on-off times
2 LED light / 3nh TruA 2 buc 15W, 2850 ±200K Ra96
3 LED light / 3nh TruD50 2 buc 15W, 5000 ±200K Ra95
4 LED light / 3nh TruUV 2 buc 15W, lungimea de unda 360-390nm  
Lampi LED       2000-3000 hours & 10000 on-off times
Philips F30T12/30U/RS 2 buc 30W, 3500 ±200K Ra80
Philips TL-D30S/840 2 buc 30W, 4000 ±200K Ra85
GE F25T8 SPX35 ECO 2 buc 25W, 3500 ±200K Ra85
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