Baie de apa termostatica pentru butirometre de lapte
Model Funke Gerber WB436D & WB436A
Volum util: 36 butirometre / 16lit.

Baie termostatata pentru incalzire butirometre de lapte

Butyrometer water Bath

Pret : la cerere

Livrare: 7 - 10 zile lucratoare

Certificat de conformitate

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Made in EU

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Bai de apa termostatata pentru butirometre de lapte
Disponibili 2 versiuni analogica si digitala
Carcasa si cuva din otel inox
Sistem protectie impotriva supra-incalzirii (chiar si cand tancul este gol)
Domeniu de temperatura: pana la 100°C
Capacitate: 36 butirometre
Alimentare: 230 V/50 Hx…60Hz
Putere: 1000 W
Dimensiuni: 296 x 301 x 265 mm
Volum: aprox. 16 lit.
Greutate: 10 Kg

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Main features
2 versions Digital and analog water baths with stainless steel inner and outer casing.
Heating elements are located separately within the casing.
Ideal for dairy use, wide range of accessories is available, it is recommended to use distilled water with the bath.

Technical Data
Tempreture: up to 100°C
Digital temperture control and selectable display of set and actual temperature
PT100 sensor
Timer: 1 to 99 min with audible alarm
Overheating protection (even when bath is empty)
Power: 1000W
Dimension: 296 x 301 x 265 mm
Volume: 16 lit.
Weight: 10 kg
Electric: 230 V / 50 Hz .. 60Hz

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