Mixer analogic orbital rotativ cu disc inclinabil

Caracteristici generale

Rotator analogic circular pentru agitare si amestecare constanta, unghiul de rotatie reglabila in vertical si orizontal, ideal pentru pahare erlenmeyer tuburi de recoltare, vacutainere, eprubete falcon, micreprubete, etc.

Date Tehnice

Vitezei de agitare fixa: 12 RPM
Dimensiune: 190 x 230 x 20 mm
Putere motor: 15 W
Alimentare: V/HZ 230/50-60
Greutate: 6 Kg

Accesorii Optionale

Adaptor de prindere Material Cod produs
8 Pahare Erlenmeyer de 50 ml otel inox 3000850
6 Pahare Erlenmeyer de 100ml otel inox 3006100
5 Pahare Erlenmeyer de 250ml otel inox 3005250
35 tuburi de Ø6 la Ø9 mm aluminiu, nichel/crom 3000356
30 tuburi de Ø10 la Ø13 mm aluminiu, nichel/crom 3003011
25 tuburi de Ø14 la Ø16 mm aluminiu, nichel/crom 3002512
22 tuburi de Ø17 la Ø20 mm aluminiu, nichel/crom 3002215
18 tuburi de la Ø21 la Ø24 mm aluminiu, nichel/chrom 3001820
17 tuburi de Ø23 la Ø28 mm aluminiu, nichel/crom 3001723

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Laboratory Mixing Rotator (wheel type)

Main Features

Adjustable rotation angle axis from vertical to horizon-tal.
An elastic shaft drive and clip supports permit the flasks and tubes to be loaded and unloaded while themotor is running.
Epoxy coated outer casing.
Recommended for extractions of cell cultures, blood tubes and other haematological applications

Technical data

Fix speed: 12 RPM
Dimension: 190 x 230 x 20 mm
Motor Power: 15 W
Power: V/HZ 230/50-60
Weight: 6 Kg

Optional Accesories

Fixing adaptors Clips material Cod produs
8 x 50 ml Erlenmeyer flasks stainless steel 3000850
6 x 100ml Erlenmeyer flasks stainless steel 3006100
5 x 250ml Erlenmeyer flasks stainless steel 3005250
35 tubes Ø6 to Ø9 mm aluminium, nichel/chrom 3000356
30 tubes Ø10 to Ø13 mm aluminium, nichel/chrom 3003011
25 tubes Ø14 to Ø16 mm aluminium, nichel/chrom 3002512
22 tubes Ø17 to Ø20 mm aluminium, nichel/chrom 3002215
18 tubes Ø21 to Ø24 mm aluminium, nichel/chhrom 3001820
17 tubes Ø23 to Ø28 mm aluminium, nichel/chrom 3001723



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