Rotor orbital pentru suspensii tip rotisor

Caracteristici generale

Rotator pentru eprubete cu suspensii, are miscare orbitala verticala adecvat pentru amestecarea solutilor sau a pulberilor (ex. deteminarea hematocritului sau hemoglobinei, separare, analiza tesuturi)
Buton pentru reglarea frecventei de vibrare
Control electronic al viteza de rotatie
Miscarea de rotatie este mentinuta constanta chiar daca se schimba incarcatura
Poate fi utilizat cu un incubator pentru temperaturi intre 10 .. 50°C

Date Tehnice
Dimensiuni (W x D x H): 490 x 330 x 220 mm
Sarcina maxima (incarcatura): 4 eprubete cu diametru de 12 .. 17 mm / lungime intre 75 si 180 mm
Tip de amestecare: rotatie orbitala / verticala
Viteza circulara: 6 .. 60 rpm
Alimetare: 230V/50...60 Hz
Putere: 80W
Greutate: 10 kg

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Test Tube Rotating Shaker / rotissery type shaker

Main Features

This Test Tube Rotating Shaker is particularly well-suited for gentle to intensive shaking and mixing of powdered or liquid substances, thanks to its constant,uniform rotating tilting motion. The axle can be removed and can also be loaded outside of the rotator.
Compact, low-wear drive mechanism
Housing made of electrolytically galvanised, powder-coated sheetsteel, the axle and collecting trough are made of stainless steel
Clearly laid out control panel for easy operation
Electronic speed control, stepless
Optionally, the rotator can be equipped without surcharge with an alternative axle, including one set of clamps (on request). Now it is possible to fasten clamps of different sizes, for example for reaction vessels Ø10 mm or even 50 ml Falcon Tubes Ø30 mm.
The unit is suited for use in laboratories, incubation rooms and moderating rooms in ambient temperatures between +10°C and +50°C.

Technical Data
Overall dimensions (W x D x H): 490 x 330 x 220 mm
Revolutions: 6 - 60 rpm
Max. Load: 24 test tubes, 12-17 mm diameter, tube lengths between 75 and 180 mm
Shaking motion: orbital / rotating
Electrical connection: 230V/50...60 Hz, 80W
Weight: 10 kg



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